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Why are the decorative sinks from London Basin Company the best choice?

The decorative sinks we produce here at London Basin Company are unique because they are inspired by various artefacts, fabrics, and artistry from around the globe. They are also expertly handcrafted and come in a variety of materials, meaning that we have a decorative basin to suit any preference. Depending on the style of basin you opt for, it will be decorated with utmost care and detail, ensuring that it is perfect for its new home.

All of our basins undergo processes to maximise their durability and ability to withstand temperature changes and heavy usage; you can be rest assured that your new decorative sink is unparalleled in both looks and quality.


Are porcelain basins a practical solution?

Porcelain sinks are one of the most durable options for your bathroom.; they are hard-wearing and can last for decades, making them an ideal practical choice for your home. A non-porous material, porcelain is easy to clean and maintain, meaning your sink will remain just as beautiful as the day you bought it for years down the line.

At London Basin Company, our porcelain basins are made from the best quality porcelain clay and hand-fired to be extremely durable, making them equally practical and beautiful.


Where are mini basins best utilised?

To achieve the elevated look and feel of your more compact spaces, look no further than our mini basins. These smaller units are best utilised in bathrooms and cloakrooms where space is limited and our larger basins would look out of place, or simply would not fit. 

Available in a range of decorative patterns, alongside coordinating mini taps and fitting brackets, our mini basins are the ultimate addition to the home.


What are the benefits of a vanity unit?

A vanity unit is a beautiful piece of furniture that can compliment your luxury basin. It can provide a focal point of your bathroom, drawing the eye with impeccable, elegant and possibly unusual designs. Vanity units can be more decorational, or include extra storage in the form of drawers and cabinets.

Vanity units introduce a sleek aesthetic to your bathroom and streamline the layout of the space. London Basin Company’s luxury units can be tailored to suit your taste by mixing and matching surfaces and frames to create the perfect base for your handcrafted basin.


Are luxury bathroom basins worth it?

Sink basins are an essential part of the home, with heavy repeated usage, some sinks can start to show damage and wear in the form of cracks, chips, and stains. Our range of luxury bathroom basins is made of the highest-quality materials, they are crafted by experts, and treated for the utmost durability that won’t be found elsewhere. 

We can assure you that you will be more than satisfied with the quality and look of your new luxury basin upon purchasing from us. 


Why invest in luxury bathroom taps?

Investing in luxury taps could well be something you only need to do once. Low-quality taps may need replacing as their condition deteriorates, but high-quality taps are made of the most durable materials and designed with the user in mind.

Our luxury bathroom taps are built to last and are available in different styles, finishes, and colours so that your style can shine through.


What are basin wastes and bottle traps, and what is their role?

A basin waste is a part of the drainage system that can be opened or closed to control the volume of water in the basin. Available as either slotted or unslotted depending on whether the basin has an overflow system; only unslotted wastes are compatible with our beautiful decorative basins. Bottle traps are part of the pipework underneath the basin they create a water barrier that prevents gases from rising through the pipes.

London Basin Company offer luxury unslotted wastes and bottle traps which are designed specifically for use with our amazing range of basins. Unslotted wastes are available for purchase separately or in conjunction with a matching bottle trap.


What tips do you have for choosing a vanity mirror to accompany my luxury basin?

When designing a cloakroom or bathroom space, cohesion is key to creating an elegant and elevated atmosphere. The style of your vanity mirror should complement other elements, such as the basin and vanity unit that you have selected; the shape of the mirror pane, as well as the frame, can have a powerful effect on the feel of the space and should enhance these other components of the room and be harmonious. Additionally. large mirror panes can give the illusion of a larger space, this is something that you may factor into your final decision.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by your options, our experts can aid you with a free bathroom design advice service.


What should I look for in a tap supplier?

When searching for the perfect taps for your bathroom, whether you want a refresh, or are building your bathroom from scratch, it is important to source from a reputable supplier. Low-quality taps can come with a range of complications due to poor materials and manufacturing, causing undue stress and expense. This is why it is essential to consider materials and construction when you’re looking to buy new taps; reputable tap suppliers will also offer a Guarantee on your purchase. 

At London Basin Company, all of our luxurious bathroom taps are designed, crafted, and tested by experts; they also come with a 5-year Guarantee.


I have a tiny space, will a small bathroom sink fit?

Most likely. For restricted spaces, a small bathroom sink may be easier to integrate into the space than a regular-sized basin which may overpower the room- or worse, not fit. Our mini basins at the London Basin Company are a continuation of our mission to make bathrooms exciting and lively, regardless of their size.

Specifically designed for tighter spaces, our mini basins have coordinating mini wall brackets and taps so that you don’t need to compromise on style; your basin can be integrated into a countertop unit or fixed to the wall. For free expert advice on maximising the space of your small bathroom, get in touch with us.


Are ceramic sinks easy to maintain?

Ceramic sinks, due to the nature of the material, are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply wash with warm water, a gentle surface cleaner, and a soft cloth to get rid of dirt build-up and keep your basin shining. 

Our ceramic sinks are crafted from porcelain, which is the strongest ceramic material; our firing process lowers the porosity, making it more resistant to stains than other porcelains. If you’re concerned about the maintenance of our basins and accessories, get in touch with us and we can provide you with expert advice.


Why should I choose an artisan basin?

Artisan basins are crafted by hand one by one, making each one unique and a product of highly skilled tradespeople with a love of their craft. Inspired by arts, fabrics, and patterns from all over the World, each of our luxury basins is a piece of usable art, making them the perfect focal point for your bathroom. 

We believe strongly in playful luxury and provide a brave alternative to the monochrome bathrooms that are so commonplace. Our artisan basins are our solution to lifeless bathroom design; visit our showroom to experience the full range of our products.


How do I care for my polished brass taps?

Polished brass taps are a beautiful statement to add to your bathroom, and knowing how to care for them properly will ensure that they will remain elegant and shining. It’s important to understand that brass taps need to be cared for gently and often; you can use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to remove marks that may accumulate on your taps with use; we recommend doing this once a week to preserve the finish.


What can a patterned sink bring to my room?

When you think of a typical bathroom, does your mind wince at the vision of a sterile, white room? Your bathroom doesn’t have to be dull, they are such an essential part of the home and you deserve to feel excited and uplifted when you use it. That’s where a patterned sink comes in, adding a bold, beautiful, and fun statement to your bathroom can enhance and uplift your bathroom experience. 

The range of basins from the London Basin Company are all handcrafted by experts, making each one unique to you. If you need help deciding which of our products to choose, we offer free bathroom design advice consultations.


How do I care for a luxury bathroom mirror?

Caring for your luxury bathroom mirror properly can increase its lifespan drastically; for a bathroom mirror, extra care is needed to ensure no blemishes or tarnishing occurs. While it’s difficult to keep mirrors dry in a steamy environment, making sure that the moisture in your bathroom is extracted properly can help protect your mirror.

A gentle cleaner and cloth should also be used when cleaning your luxury mirror, and ensure that the cleaning solution does not seep into the edges of the pane and the mirror backing.


Why are basin support brackets fundamental?

Essential for floating basins where the basin sits on top of a shelf which protrudes from the wall, basin support brackets support the weight of the basin itself, but also the water it holds and any pressure that the user might apply.  They are easy to install into the wall with little effort and are compatible with all standard unslotted waste and bottle trap fittings and fixtures worldwide.

Our specially engineered brackets are essential for the stability of your basins, they are tested rigorously to ensure their quality and strength. Available in a variety of elegant finishes, our support brackets are specifically designed to complement our artisan basins.


What do you need to install one of our basins?

Our luxury bathroom basins can transform a bathroom or cloakroom into your dream space. To install you’ll first need one of our decorative basins, then either a vanity unit or support bracket, which we can also supply!

You’ll then want to pair these with one of our timeless modern taps and an elegant waste & bottle trap. This is all you’re need, but for an extra finishing touch you can also grab a mirror from us as well. Find out more in this informative blog




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