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From Luxury Bathroom Taps To Matching Vanity Mirrors: Finishing Touches For Your Space

For those who have embarked on the journey of home renovation, you will know the magic truly lies in the finer details and sublime finishes. The grandeur of such transformations is not solely reliant on prominent features such as flooring, bespoke appliances or expertly crafted furniture. These elements only set the stage, with the nuanced, smaller aspects weaving together the true essence of the space, turning a mere concept into an opulent, final product.

Here at London Basin Company, we understand our clientele shopping for our luxury basins are looking for something other than a basic space. They want a meticulously designed bathroom, cloakroom or powder room that showcases the best in innovative design and impeccable finishing touches.

In this helpful article, we will delve into the art of these embellishments, looking at an array of exquisite choices ranging from polished brass taps and high-quality towels to perfectly chosen vanity mirrors and sophisticated lighting choices.

Firstly – The Statement Piece

While the concept of finishing touches is pivotal to unifying a room’s aesthetic, it is the centrepiece that captivates and commands attention upon one’s entry into the space. When discussing bathrooms and cloakrooms, the basin can be a focal point of both beauty and functionality.

Our crowning glory at London Basin Company lies in providing our clientele with luxury, artisanal, handcrafted basins. Our masterpieces are not confined to just bathrooms, frequently gracing cloakrooms, powder rooms or any space where you require a practical yet elegant running water supply. Each of our basins draws inspiration from the richness of the world and deposits it into your space, whether this be the allure of antiques, the wanderlust of travel or even the textures of fabric.

Our collection caters to a spectrum of tastes, from the whimsy of playful pastels to fit your maximalist vibe to the refined sophistication of a  hand-cut bohemian crystal & glass countertop basin to accentuate the rest of the room.

Upon choosing your statement basin, it’s time to start considering what you’ll surround it with in your space to bring everything together elegantly. Finishing touches can come in any shape and form, so we have curated a few brilliant ideas for you to consider below:

Finishing Touches

Luxury Bathroom Taps

It goes without saying that with your luxury basin, you’ll also need an ideal, equally luxurious tap to go along with it. The tap is not merely a utilitarian fixture; it is an integral element that should resonate with the elegance of your basin and the overall design ethos of the room.

There are many different factors to deliberate when looking at taps, ranging from the material and finish to the shape and the number of mixers. Each of these choices contributes to the creation of a cohesive and elegant atmosphere. 

There is also how you mount the tap to be thought about. Here at London Basin Company, we offer both deck and wall-mounted tap options for our customers. Our range is designed to cater to diverse preferences, each crafted to elevate a space’s sophistication and pair perfectly with our basin selection.

Deck-mounted taps, such as our Brushed Brass Jackson Tap, are designed to be installed on the vanity surface with the spout elegantly and precisely over your basin, while wall-mounted taps, like our Jasper Polished Gold Tap, are attached to the wall behind your basin with the spout stretching over it seamlessly. Our wall-mounted taps have been specifically designed to work with our basins in terms of height and projection.

Towels & Racks

Another finishing touch to think about is the towel rack, which is typically essential in any room that has a basin so that a user can dry their hands afterwards. If you’re looking for a unified look, we recommend a towel rack in a colour and finish that matches your taps, whether they be polished brass taps or a matt option like our Matt Black Theo Tap. For that added sense of decadence, install a heated towel rack so your towels are always warm to the touch.

In terms of the towels, you should want to exude luxury, whether this be for yourself or any guests using the basin. Shop for towels made from high-quality materials such as Turkish or Egyptian cotton, as they are known for their absorbent properties and soft feel. Neutral colours will work well with any bathroom style because of their versatility, however, if you’re using one of our luxury basins we recommend a towel colour that will match the hues for an added layer of sophistication.

Waste & Bottle Traps

The often-overlooked element of Waste and bottle traps, crucial for the practical functioning of your plumbing system, need not be dismissed as merely utilitarian.

At London Basin Company, we understand that every detail matters in crafting a luxurious space. To this end, we offer an exquisite selection of waste and bottle traps designed to not only fulfil their practical purpose but also to enhance the visual appearance of your bathroom. Our range includes options in finishes such as brushed brass, matt black and polished gold to align seamlessly with our tap selections and bring a space together in a unifying way.

These thoughtfully designed waste and bottle traps transcend their functional role, transforming into decorative elements that contribute to the overall elegance of your bathroom. With London Basin Company, beauty and practicality are not mutually exclusive but are instead harmoniously integrated, ensuring that every component of your bathroom reflects the luxury and sophistication of your chosen design.


You’ll also want to consider the lighting choice in your space, as this can really affect the ambience of the room, especially at night time or in a space with little to no natural light coming in.

Bathroom and cloakroom lighting can be broadly divided into two categories, practical task lighting and ambient lighting. Task lighting can help you accomplish things such as applying makeup or shaving, where precision and clarity are most useful. This light is more practical, allowing tasks to be performed with ease.

On the other hand, ambient lighting serves to envelop the entire room in a soft, gentle glow, setting the mood and creating a serene atmosphere. This type of lighting is key to establishing the overall feel of the space, whether it’s a calming retreat or a bright and energising area. 

As lovers of luxury basins, we always recommend lighting choices that will enhance and complement the appearance of your basin. 


Mirrors are one of the key finishing touches to include in your new space, bringing a sense of harmony and bringing a whole room together. They possess the ability to make a room appear more spacious by reflecting light and views, especially beneficial in smaller spaces. Additionally, mirrors can create an eye-catching focal point, further accentuating the allure of your luxury basin.

There are a few factors to consider when picking a mirror, including the size, shape and other design elements. Luckily at London Basin Company, we have a curated selection of mirrors available that will pair perfectly with our basin choices. All of our mirrors are powder-coated to ensure they are water-resistant and do not corrode from the moisture in bathroom spaces.

This includes more classic options like our circular Otto Mirror, with a stylish rim finished in three distinct shades – gold, matt black and industrial steel. If you’re looking for something bold that is a standout element in its own right, our rectangular Gabriel Mirror, available in gold and industrial steel, features a stunning metal mesh frame that will be the envy of all your guests. 


Incorporating plants into your bathroom or cloakroom is an excellent way to infuse a touch of nature into the space, offering not only aesthetic benefits but also contributing to your well-being. Plants have been shown to reduce stress and improve mood, making them a valuable addition to any room. 

Moreover, their ability to purify the air is particularly beneficial in spaces with limited or no natural ventilation, such as cloakrooms. However, it’s important to select the right types of houseplants for these environments, as the conditions in rooms with basins can differ significantly from other areas of your home. Factors such as limited light, increased humidity, and varying temperatures must be considered when choosing plants.

Vanity Units, Support Brackets & Storage Solutions

In your new space, many people often are looking for ways to combine different elements to save space and reduce clutter. Here at London Basin Company, we know a lot of our customers feature our basins in smaller spaces such as cloakrooms or power rooms, which is why we offer a range of vanity units to help with storage and provide a space for your basin to shine.

If you’re after plenty of under-basin storage, we suggest our Ezra Single Vanity Unit. It is made from solid oak with a reinforced glass surface, in a captivating dark blue shade. The design is elevated by a  gold-finished steel base and opening the twin doors reveals two shelves of spacious storage. 

Another seamless option with a built-in sectioned drawer is our Grayson Single Vanity Unit. The smooth dove grey colour makes it perfect for bathrooms of any style. And are you considering installing his and her sinks in your space? Our Felix Double Vanity Unit is handmade from durable steel in a range of finishes and has space for two of our stylish basins.

For smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms, the illusion of a floating basin is a great way to make a smaller space seem bigger, and also save space in general. Our Finn support brackets are available in a range of finishes, from a slick chrome to stunning polished gold.

Bathroom Taps, Vanity Mirrors & More Available Today

Luckily for you, a lot of the elements we have discussed in this blog are available now from London Basin Company. While luxury basins are our main focus, we know that you can’t complete a space without the finishing touches, which is why we also supply clients with vanity units, vanity mirrors, luxury bathroom taps and other accessories.

Still looking for inspiration? Well, head to our gallery page where you can explore how we have paired our products in impeccably designed spaces, or if you find yourself near Chelsea Harbour you can even visit our showroom. We have an in-house team with expertise in interior design for those looking for free bathroom design advice.

Make sure you have everything you need to finish your renovation with expert precision by working with London Basin Company today. Get in touch if you have any queries you would like answered.


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