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Exploring London Basin Company’s Porcelain Basin Collection

When it comes to enriching your interior, there are so many style options to choose from. On a sliding scale from maximalist to minimalist, interior design choices can be used to embellish existing architectural features whilst also expressing your own exquisite taste. In this way, a combination of wallpapers, practical fixtures and soft furnishings can allow you to curate a comfortable space that also represents your own unique personality.

Sometimes the addition of a particularly well chosen accessory or fixture can completely transform your interior. We believe our porcelain basins have the potential to achieve this, where each of our products has been meticulously crafted and finished. Our comprehensive basin collection has been curated to appeal to a range of interior design tastes, whether you’re looking for something bright and floral, or something in a more neutral tone.

Read on to find out more about our porcelain basin collection, with an insight into the various styles and designs on offer.

Understanding Porcelain

Porcelain famously originates from China where it first emerged in a primitive form during the Tang dynasty, which began in the year 618. It was centuries later that the type of porcelain that we now recognise today was developed, and many hundreds of years still until the right manufacturing methods were discovered to replicate this sought after material in the West.

Today, porcelain is made by heating clay in a kiln to very high temperatures, typically well over 1000 degrees celsius. The right heat levels combined with a mixture of additional elements results in a strong, aesthetically appealing material that is impervious to water. Porcelain is made from a more refined clay than ceramic, meaning that the end product is denser and more durable, making it a better option for household accessories.

Celadon is a specific variety of porcelain, where this term refers to both a specific colour and a type of glaze. Pieces can be coated in a jade green celadon colour to achieve an attractive final product, whilst a transparent celadon glaze can also be used to achieve a web-like crackling effect across the surface of the porcelain.

The Porcelain Difference

Since its invention, porcelain has been highly sought after by those with a distinguished aesthetic taste. Over the centuries, it has been coveted as a symbol of luxury and status, connotations that still surround porcelain products today. There are numerous reasons why porcelain stands out, where it is typically favoured for the following qualities:

Durability – Because porcelain is fired at such a high temperature, the resulting material is incredibly durable and hard wearing. This means it can be a long lasting investment for your interior, where daily use will have little effect on its overall appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal – Most notably, porcelain has an impressively opulent appearance that appeals to homemakers and interior designers alike. It can be moulded, finished, glazed and painted in a wide range of styles, meaning you can always find the right piece for your aesthetic.

Heat Resistance – Due to its intrinsic strength, porcelain is also heat resistant, meaning it can withstand a regular influx of hot water. As such, it is an ideal material for bathroom basins, where hand washing and cleansing are regular occurrences.

A Basin For Every Style & Taste

At London Basin Company, we’re proud of our comprehensive porcelain catalogue, where each of our basins has been crafted to an exacting standard. Whether you’re looking for a traditional blue and white finish or a more eye-catching pop of colour, we have the basin to suit you.

Some of our basin styles include:

Bold Florals

There’s nothing like flowers when it comes to brightening your interior, whether you’re looking to embrace feminine elegance or make a statement with maximalism. Many of our porcelain basins are carefully finished with floral patterns, such as the Florentine basin, where its muted palette is reminiscent of an English summer garden. For a more contemporary look, you may wish to consider the Amara basin, with its silver floral detailing. This basin is moulded so that the entire piece also represents a flower shape.

Regal Designs

If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, then you may be tempted by one of our more regal designs. Intricate flourishes, splashes of gold and an air of sophistication all help to create a sense of royalty and glamour your home. We offer a number of attractive basins finished in a particularly royal manner, such as the Victoria basin, which is embellished with an ornate black and gold rim. Or for a brighter alternative, you might be better suited to the Carmel basin, where aquamarine combines with a traditional gold brocade and high gloss finish.

Geometric Patterns

Current bathroom interior trends have had a particular focus in recent months on geometric designs. Tessellated wallpaper, creative tile arrangements and intricate flooring installations can all help to form areas of visual interest whilst adding depth to compact spaces. As such geometric basins can make an ideal addition to your interior.

For example, the Madison basin is both playful and streamlined, with its black and gold repeated patterning and gold trim. For something a bit different consider the Agnes basin, which combines a playful pink lemonade interior with a golden-tile pattern exterior.

Spa Inspired

Another on-trend bathroom option is the spa inspired look, where white appliances and an air of complete calm can transform your interior into an oasis of relaxation. Whether you’re installing a home sauna or self-care station, we believe a porcelain basin would be the perfect addition to your home spa. The Angelica basin would certainly make an elegant choice with its smooth white grooves and gold finish. For a bolder option, you may also wish to consider the Asian inspired Sadie basin, with a stunning carved triangular pattern and two eye-catching black bands to complete the look.

Traditional Options

Because of its centuries-long heritage, porcelain also lends itself to more traditional designs. Blue and white porcelain for instance has been a favourite since the 17th and 18th centuries, where these pieces have often been painted with intricate depictions of pastoral scenes or naturalistic patterns. Our Coralie basin perfectly reflects this exquisite history, with its delicate embellishments in the traditional style. If traditional porcelain is your preference, then you may also wish to consider a jade green celadon choice, such as the beautiful Blossom basin.

Natural Style

If a minimalistic look is more your style, then a natural tone porcelain basin could be the ideal finishing piece for your bathroom. Earthy, neutral tones are seeing a comeback in the design world, where we’re all striving to welcome the outside into our homes in an effort to step back into nature. If this sounds like your interior, then the subtle but captivating Aubrey basin could be your perfect fit. If you’re after something bold and rich but also natural, consider the Bryony basin.

Jewel Tones

Sometimes only the boldest colours will do for your interior, where rich jewel tones can draw the eye and inspire feelings of total opulence. Whether you have a taste for blazing sapphires or glistening diamonds, we have a basin to appeal to your tastes. The Adriana basin for instance features regal emerald greens and blues, with distinctive gold embellishments for an extravagant feel. Alternatively, the Ophelia basin makes for a dramatic, decadent choice, where rich maroons combine which dark blues and black flourishes.

London Basin Company: Porcelain Countertop Basins & Sinks For Your Interior

We’re proud of our extensive porcelain basin collection, where each of our sinks is hand crafted with an acute attention to detail. Alongside our full sized basins, we also offer a selection of small bathroom sinks for an exquisitely dainty look, so you can experience a taste of opulence in your home on any scale.

Whether you require a basin for your ensuite or your powder room, our expert team is on hand to advise and guide you. We offer a free bathroom design service to all our customers, where our extensive product range also includes polished brass taps and vanity units with plentiful storage compartments.

To find out more about our porcelain basins or to seek out design inspiration for your interior, we suggest that you take a look at our stunning product gallery. Alternatively you can speak to us directly to enquire about our full selection of porcelain sinks.


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