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The London Basin Company was founded by mother - daughter, Anna & Nathalie.

We share a passion for interior design and love being surrounded by beautiful things. We want to create basins that transform bland bathrooms into stunning spaces. Our ever-growing collection has been inspired by some our favourite places in the world.


Our basins

All our basins are produced from the finest porcelain and hand finished using a variety of techniques. There are two main ways of applying the pattern, 'under the glaze' and 'over the glaze'. In the 'under the glaze' technique the pattern is applied to the clay, then the basins are glazed and fired. In the 'over the glaze' technique, clay washbasins are glazed and fired, then the pattern is applied and the basins are fired twice again to ensure paint durability.


Our Vanity Units

All our vanity units are hand made from mild steel and finished with a clear or metallic powder coating. This process ensures durability and offers/results in scratch and water resistance. The surfaces are available in a range of natural materials including wood and marble and perfectly complement the metal frames and basins. Whatever your choice, the end result is a high quality product with a very attractive finish.


 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email.